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Cosmetic Dentist in Pacific Palisades – Porcelain Veneers – West Los Angeles Dental Restorations

At Pacific Palisades Dentistry, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kamins uses porcelain veneers to give a damaged or discolored tooth a more picture perfect look. Patients often choose veneers to enhance their smile because of the conservative approach veneers offer over dental crowns or bonding. Dr. Kamins uses porcelain veneers over composite as they are stain resistant, light reflecting (like natural teeth) and gum tissue is very tolerant of the porcelain material.
Patients receiving veneers in Pacific Palisades should expect the procedure to take at least two dental visits. Three if you are a new patient requiring consultation first.  During the next visit, the dentist will remove approximately half of a millimeter of enamel. Anesthetic options will be discussed before removal. Once the enamel has been removed, the dentist will take an impression of your tooth which will be sent to a lab for them to make the veneer or veneers. Approximately two weeks later, you will go back to the dental office for the placement of your veneer. During this visit the dentist will place the veneer on your tooth, remove it, and shape it repeatedly until it fits and appears correct. The dentist will also clean and polish the tooth receiving the veneer before it is permanently placed as this helps for stronger bonding. Once these two steps are complete, the dentist will apply a dental cement and then place the veneer permanently. He then will shine a light on the veneer which activates the dental bonding materials will harden them quickly. Once hardened, the dentist will evaluate the veneer and your bite and remove excess cement. Once this part is complete, your veneer is done however the dentist may schedule a follow up visit.
Patients in the West Los Angeles area concerned about gaps between their teeth, discolored teeth, or broken / irregularly shaped teeth should call Pacific Palisades Dentistry to discuss with Dr. Kamins options for dental restorations. Please feel free to contact us or schedule your appointment online.



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