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Pacific Palisades Dentistry utilizes cutting edge technology such as laser dentistry to complete treatments. Dr. Kamins has been using laser dentistry in his office since 1992 and currently has 5 dental laser machines. Laser dentistry is a promising modality of treatment as it reduces the need for anesthesia and often shortens the time it takes for procedure sites to heal. Dr. Kamins uses laser technology for a number of procedures including:

    • Gingivectomy – This procedure is needed when the gums have pulled away from the tooth creating deep pockets making it difficult to clear away plaque and infection. During a gingivectomy, Dr. Kamins uses lasers to eliminating loose and/or diseased gums and then typically reshapes the gums around the tooth.

     • Tooth Preparation and Tooth & Gum Restoration (cleaning out tooth and gum decay) – Dental lasers can often replace drills for getting rid of gum and tooth decay and sterilize the area to prepare it for further treatment. Patients often prefer this over a loud and cumbersome drill.

    • Minor Oral Surgery – The precise dental lasers can be used for oral biopsies, to drain an abscess, and remove lesions.

    • Laser Teeth Whitening - This is when a laser light is used to activate whitening serum (typically Hydrogen Peroxide based) to whiten teeth such as Zoom Teeth Whitening.

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